Boudoir is for EVERY woman! 

...Are you ready to find out more about the INTIMATE PORTRAIT Experience?

This is a perfect opportunity to celebrate yourself, or give a gift to your partner.

Boudoir Photography is about showing women just how beautiful they are.

Boudoir is about the confidence that lies within every one of us. 

As a woman, you may hold many hats on a day to day basis in your life.

So whether you are having a Boudoir Portrait session or Beauty Portrait session

You deserve to feel beautiful, sexy, pampered and empowered!

Embrace your femininity! 



'Lynda, not only made me feel completely comfortable, but also created an environment of allowing me to feel so empowered.
I have never felt so confident and beautiful.

She is very professional. I highly recommend this experience for any woman that wants beautiful pictures for their significant other or simply for yourself.

I surprised my husband with the images and he absolutely loved them! The whole boudoir experience was unforgettable and just simply amazing!' -Sitota

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” -Sophia Loren”.”


“I truly enjoyed my session with Lynda. I have to admit I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure what to expect. You can say that I had little butterflies in my stomach but upon arriving everyone made me feel so at ease.

This session gave me an opportunity to be free and feel so empowered and not worry about what people are thinking about me. It allowed me to let my hair down and let loose. 

In 2014, I was diagnosed and had breast cancer. And I used to be ashamed of what I looked like. Now not only have I survived but I have embraced every part of myself. I feel there was no reason for me to ever feel ashamed of the way I looked. This session made me feel like I could go out and do anything.  

I definitely plan to do another session with Lynda in the future. Thank you Lynda! -Jessica


"I'm never felt more

Atlanta , GA

“OMG! Doing a boudoir shoot is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your significant other. I decided to surprise my husband and plan a boudoir shoot. Lynda is such a great photographer, from the time I walked into the door, she made me feel so at ease that any nervous jitters I had disappeared.

I loved that I got the chance to see my pictures that same day and I didn't have to wait weeks for them. My photos came out classy and fun. It displayed my personality with a little extra sass to it. :)

Oh and my husband definitely loved them! I look forward to working with her again in the future. 

I definitely plan to do another session with Lynda in the future!-Candace

“ Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself ”
— CoCo Chanel


"WOW! My boudoir experience was very fascinating because I was given an opportunity to be someone else that I would not usually be.

Being a mom to 3 boys, my days are so filled with so many activities that I do not get the chance to do many things for myself. I was able to step out of my comfort zone. Lynda made me feel very at ease during my photo shoot and she was very professional.

She gave me the chance to feel and look beautiful. When I showed my pictures to others, they didn't even know it was me because my everyday look is mommy mode. I would definitely take boudoir photos with Boudoir by Lynda again without a second thought"-Dahlia 

“It’s not about seducing men.
It’s about embracing womanhood. — Dita von Teese”!


"From the moment Lynda walked in, Lynda had a smile on her face and made me feel so relaxed. During my time with Lynda, we laughed and played around with different poses and looks. She allowed me to try different things and gave me great direction to capture the best possible shots.

And guess what, IT WORKED! OMG! I had so many awesome photos that I couldn't make a decision on which ones I wanted.

Thank you Lynda for making this intimate experience one I will NEVER forget"! -Yazmin


"I'm never felt more

Miami, FL

"To be honest  I am now a believer that every woman should have this experience of being photographed at least once in their lifetime.  I wasn't sure what to expect. I was definitely nervous especially since I have never had a professional photoshoot done before. This was a surprise by my husband! 

But I have to say Lynda and her team were effortless in creating an upbeat and relaxing environment that before I knew it we were all laughing and having a blast. I can't remember that last time I was dolled up even my three year old didn't recognize me when I showed her the images. My husband definitely loved them.

Thank you Lynda for bringing out a side of me I didn't even realized existed in pictures! I will treasure this experience! -Marisel

"This was an amazing experience!  

nEW yORK, ny

hi gorgeous! 

I'm Lynda, an International Wedding & Boudoir photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in CAPTURING classic, modern magazine style portraits for the everyday woman LIKE YOURSELF through Boudoir and Beauty photography. 

Boudoir by Lynda originated from observing how some of the special women in my life were simple too busy with THE everyday life of being a wife or mother or caregiver or even professional woman that they sometimes did not have the opportunity to do something special for themselves. I STRIVE to celebrate the beauty and confidence that lies within every single woman of all ages, shapes and sizes.  

After experiencing my own boudoir session a few years ago.
It helped me to better understand what it feels like to being in front of the camera. The self doubt, the vulnerability on how I looked, do I needed to lose weight, etc. Oh believe me! I know those thoughts that may run in your mind. 

I want our time together during your session to be fun and to give you a day of empowerment while being pampered. To simply enjoy a day that you will never forget and hopefully share with others. I strive to create an environment that feels like girlfriends hanging out, having the time of their life because.... 


Because every woman is unique, I believe in customizing your boudoir shoot specifically to you, your style and your wishes to create a one of a kind gift, whether that is for yourself and/or that special someone in your life.

 You'll be pampered from the moment you walk in the door! 

Every session includes complimentary hair & makeup and a mimosa to sip on while you are getting your celebrity style makeover.

Don't worry! For I will pose you from your eyelashes down to the tips of your toes in the most flattering poses that camouflage any insecurities you may have and highlight your most beautiful features.



Your ordering consultation will take place the SAME DAY of your session. This is when you finally get to VIEW the stunning images captured during your session and decide how to best display your most personal artwork. 

We have made our image selection easier than ever! Essentially, the more images you get, the more $$$ you save! Sounds like a win, win to me!
It's not a bad thing to finally love photos of yourself and not be locked into a package! 

A Celebrity Style Experience For The Everyday Woman!

Boudoir Sessions start at $400​

Just sit back and enjoy the experience! 

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Boudoir by Lynda is a destination boudoir photographer based out of Atlanta, GA & metro New York areas. Contact Lynda today if you'd like her to bring a destination boudoir session to you! 
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